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Will Rogers Essay -- essays research papers

Will Rogers Not many people remember Will Rogers, but in the 1930's he was the most well known man in America -- more popular than Shirley Temple. He was a simple cowpoke who entertained people with his rope tricks and sly political observations. He also wrote a widely-read newspaper column and appeared on the raido every week. I supose he is alot like Bill Cosby is today: beloved for his down-to-earth style of humor. But that "aww, shucks" attitude hid a brilliant mind. Furthermore, Will Rogers was more than just a comedian; he was a man of character. Throughout his life, he exhibited the qualities of humility, fairness, generosity, and loyalty witch make him a real American hero. Will was born in Oklahoma and proud of it. The son of a rancher, he was a one quarter Cherokee and never missed an opportunity to brag about his Native American heritage. "My ancestors didn't come on the Mayflower," he used to joke, "but they met the boat." Will stayed true to his Cherokee roots; he went to an Indian school and had many Indian friends. Later he became active in Native-American issues and was a major spokesman for Native-American rights in the U.S. Above all,though, Will was a "regular guy." His shy grin, easy manner, and total absence of sham endeared to Americans of all backgrounds. He had no pretensions, and his pleasures were simple: he liked to ride horses, rope cattle, and read the papers. In fact he often said, "I only know wha...

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Aspects of the Tragiccomedy As I Lay Dying Essay

William Faulkner’s As I Lay Dying is both comic and tragic in many ways throughout this book. This is a story of a family who carts their dead mother, Addie, to be buried in her hometown in Jefferson. There are fifteen monologues from this book including one from Addie. The family goes through horrendous obstacles in order to complete their trip. Addie is the heart and soul of this family yet she never wanted this life. Addie’s father would tell her, â€Å"The reason for living was to get ready to stay dead a long time. 169. So she took Anse for a husband and gave him Cash and Darl. After she had Darl she made Anse promise to bury her in Jefferson when she died. But Anse wanted more kids. Addie had an affair with Mr. Whitfield and had Jewel. She gave Anse Dewey Dell for the negative of Jewel and last Vardaman. Addie is bitter about her life and doesn’t show the love and affection towards her kids except to Jewel her favorite. As long as she is around this family the more suffering she will bring to them. All her children except Jewel want her love and kindness but she rebukes them. In the beginning of their journey Jewel takes horse with him, but Anse is against this because he feels it is disrespectful towards Addie. Jewel should be riding in the wagon with everybody else. They come to a bridge which has just collapsed because of the weather and the river is moving very fast. It will take the trip longer if they go around so the Bundren family makes up a plan and goes through it. Cash and Darl make their way across the broken bridge when the wagon tips. Darl was supposed to hold on the coffin but instead lets it go hoping that God will take care of her and that would end their trip. However, Jewel went into the river to rescue his dead mother from the river and foiled Darl’s plans. Cash has a broken leg but he’s lucky because it was the same leg he had broken before so he is not begrudging it. Cash holds off on medical treatment until they bury Addie. When they come to rest at Mr. Gillippsie’s barn Darl has had enough of this trip all he wants to do is end it and send Addie on her way, peaceful like in her sleep. So Darl sets the barn on fire, livestock and all. However, Jewel comes to the rescue again and saves the coffin from being burnt. Vardaman knows Darl set the barn on fire but lke a good brother he keeps it to himself and doesn’t tell anybody. The rest of the family suspects it is Darl and are going to deal with him after they bury Addie. Darl introspectively has an insight to his family’s secrets. He has discovered that Dewey Dell is pregnant and is going into town to get a treatment for an abortion; Jewel is not Anse’s son, and by that thought he taunts Jewel to no end. He knows Anse is going to Jefferson for a new set of teeth even if he has to beg, steal or borrow. Anse takes money from Cash and Dewey Dell, and then he sells Jewel’s horse to pay for a new mule team to get them to Jefferson. When they do reach Jefferson Addie is passed due and ready for the ground. Anse borrows a couple spades in order to dig the grave and they lay her to rest. Betrayed by Dewey Dell and assaulted by Jewel, Darl is taken away to the asylum. Only Cash understands him; only Cash and Vardaman pity him. Referring to himself in the third person, a sign of extreme self-estrangement, Darl says: â€Å"Darl is our brother, our brother Darl. Our brother Darl is in a cage in Jackson where, his grimed hands lying light in the quiet interstices, looking out he foams. ‘Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes’. † To the end it is a search for kinship that obsesses Darl, and his cryptic row of affirmatives may signify a last, pathetic effort to proclaim his brotherhood. Howe The characters in As I Lay Dying do not clearly communicate to one another. Each goes and does whatever they need to do for themselves with little regard for the other. Addie Bundren was a very private woman and would not have it any other way; I believe she passed that quality to her kids. Because, if they did talk to each other maybe there would be a better bond with all of them instead of guessing and tip toeing around the matter. In this tragic comedy book the irony is seeing what you hate inside multiply itself by 5. This is what Addie Bundren created. Dewey Dell is in the same place her mom was only a little worse off because she is not married. Darl is goes mad and heads to an insane asylum. Vardaman is trying to piece everything together and still believes his mom is a fish. Jewel is kinder to his mother in death then he was when she was alive and I believe he regrets that. Cash has one good leg and still has his carpenter tools, he’ll make it through somehow. Anse cannot live without a wife so when gets his teeth in Jefferson he introduces the children to their new mother.

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Cultural attitudes-Mice and Men Essay

The following essay looks at the cultural attitudes and values expressed by the members of the ranch and society in â€Å"Of mice and Men† by John Steinbeck, and how important it is to the main themes of the novella. The book was first published in nineteen thirty seven and is set during the great depression. Steinbeck based the story as his own experience as a bindle stiff. When looking at the relationship between men and women in the story, women are ignored. Curley’s wife is generally ignored, throughout the story. Curley and his wife spend most of the time looking for each other as several points in the novel, Curley’s wife asks â€Å"Have you seen Curley?† and vice versa for Curley. We are also able to see that the relationship between Curley and his wife isn’t a particularly a romantic and loving one as in many parts of the story we are able to see friction between the two; a prime example of this being when Curley’s wife angrily and furiously replies to a order from Curley by saying â€Å"You don’t own me!†. Conveying to us how women were looked down upon during the time of the novella. Throughout the story, as a in a male perspective Curley’s wife would seem flirtatious among the men and seeming sexual and persuading the men into having a relationship with her. However, in the view of a female reader she would be simply trying to make friends and more as an attempt to socialize rather than an attempt to flirt as Curley’s wife is lonely. As Curley’s wife herself states how lonely she feels on page 122 while in dialog with Lennie moments prior to her death : â€Å"I get lonely†¦. I cant talk to nobody but Curley. Else he gets mad. How’d you like not to talk to anybody?† We are thus able to understand how men would treat their wives, with no respect or dignity. The irony of the marriage of Curley and his wife is that they go looking for each other almost all the time and there is so many disputes in their relationship.Moreover,it also shows how lonely she is and also gives us an idea how women were generally treated during that period of time and also how ignored and isolated they were from society. On page 124 Curley’s wife explains how she almost realized her dream of being a Hollywood actress.She said she â€Å"met a guy, an’ was in the pitchers†¦Says I was a natural. Soon’s he got back to Hollywood he was gonna write to me about it.† Throughout the story Curley’s wife wears a cotton red dress and wears make up due to her aspirations of being a Hollywood actress.In reality Curley’s wife can’t achieve that much desired goal and most likely is never going to get there. Most importantly, Curley’s Wife is unable to meet her targets and achieve her ambitions simply because she is married to Curley. All she can do is just fantasize. The fact that she has to only just stay at home, cook, clean and go to bed with Curley is prevents her from reaching her potentially achievable dreams. This telling us that there was a lot of sexism involved in this period of time against women. Men could go out earn and do really whatever they like while women/wives had to stay at home and provide the men/husbands with their needs. Men’s attitudes towards women were selfish. Curley’s wife in the whole novella has to proper name in which she is referred to. She is just referred to in the book and other character’s as Curley’s wife and not a name; she has no identity in the novella. Women have no identity during this period of time, the fact the Curley’s wife has no name to be referred to really displays the ignorance and unawareness towards Women. When examining possession and money in the novella, it is clear the Boss of the ranch who holds the glory of wealth. The fact that he owns the ranch and has earned the wealth and business position he is in right now is due to his own hard work.The irony with his son Curley, is that on the hierarchy of power he would be placed second highest behind his father; he has not earned or not done anything in order to earn the power,money or respect. He is just inheriting it, he is the only person in the novella to achieve success in this effortless manner. Attitudes towards money were that if you had inherited wealth, that you would still have it regardless whether you deserved it or not. In the novella there is hardly any respect towards the elderly. Candy who is the oldest worker on the ranch and has lost one hand has only his dog as his companion, his dog is a parellel to him., they were both regarded as useless and redundant on the busy ranch. Carlson shows the disregard for him when he intends to kill Candy’s dog. Candy pleads with him and says â€Å"I’ve had him since he was a pup†. Throughout the argument between Candy and Carlson regarding Candy’s dog,Candy constantly expresses how much he wants the dog and how badly he wants to keep him by mentioning â€Å"No,I couldn’t do that. I had ‘im too long.† Candy has no real power in this situation due to his power on the ranch,his injured arm and old age.The fact the Carlson had in a matter of moments without even consideration taken away Candy’s only love and is only hope in his life shows the utter disregard and carelessness towards the elderly. Racism is seen in the novella as well. Crooks, who is the only African American is discriminated in many ways. He is referred to by his disability with the name: Crooks, due to his crooked back. Another term he is referred to is â€Å"nigger† due to his ethnicity, nigger which using the term nowadays could be a punishable offence. Crooks is separated from the rest of the ranch, he is made by the others to live in his own room.As a result this causes him to feel lonely as he mentions that â€Å"A gut neades somebody to be near him† and â€Å"A guy goes nuts if he ain’t got nobody†. The irony with Crooks that although he is discriminated, he is the only work member on the ranch to have his own privacy. Furthermore, despite his discrimination,

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Her body, her baby, her choice Essay

Abortion, it’s not a choice that any woman would ever want to have to make, but it’s a decision that she should have the right to make. If it comes down to the possibility of her and her baby losing their lives, she should be able to stop this possibly fatal pregnancy. The body is hers, the baby is hers, and the choice should be hers. If you disagree, make the choice for your own body. Abortion should be legal. What people may not realize is that, legal or not, abortion still happens all around the world. Of the approximately 42 million abortions that do occur worldwide, almost half are performed by unskilled individuals, in environments that do not meet minimum medical standards or both. † (http://www. guttmacher. org/pubs/gpr/12/4/gpr120402. html). Unsafe and illegal abortion is responsible for one in eight maternal deaths and according to an estimate done by the World Health Organization in 2006 ‘back alley’ abortions cause about 68,000 deaths each year where abortion isn’t legal. There is no question that making abortion illegal in places such as the United States, will only make these numbers increase greatly. It’s no secret that raising a child requires mass amounts of money that many women who get pregnant don’t have, especially if they have no partner to help them out. Poor and low income women account for more than half of abortions in the United States. Without the option to get an abortion, there would be many more children suffering because they have to live their life in poverty. Almost half of all children with a single mother live in poverty, these children experience poverty at a rate that is more than four times higher than kids in married-couple families. Although, it is believed that â€Å"abortion legalization may have led to an improvement in the average living conditions of children, probably by reducing the numbers of youngsters who would have lived in single-parent families, lived in poverty, received welfare and died as infants. † (https://www. guttmacher. org/pubs/journals/3402502. html) Many people who are against abortion don’t take into consideration that not all women are able to safely give birth to a child and the risk of death associated with childbirth is about 10 times as high as the risk of death associated with  abortion. For example, teen girls aged around 15-19 years old have bodies that are not yet ready for childbirth. These girls are five times more likely to die, with around 70,000 of them dying annually. Their babies that do survive still have a 60% higher chance of dying than normal babies. With so much uncertainty, why shouldn’t they have the option to prevent themselves and their own parents the pain of losing a child. Many people believe that women are using abortion as a form of birth control. That they believe that they no longer need to be cautious because they can go pop over to the doctors to get an abortion whenever. However, this isn’t the case and, more often than not, women who get abortions were on some sort of birth control. Though, with any birth control there is almost always a chance of it not working properly and you becoming pregnant. Only less than one in ten women getting abortions weren’t on any sort of birth control. Making abortion illegal forces women who may have taken many precautions to not become pregnant to have a child that they don’t want and makes it so that an unwanted child is born into this world. This would not be fair to the woman or the child. Something that many people who oppose to abortion believe is that abortion, spontaneous or induced, raises the risk of breast cancer or any other type of cancer. There have been many, many studies done studies by various people such as the National Registry of Induced Abortions, the Danish Cancer Registry, Harvard researchers, and The California Teachers Study. The large size of most of the studies and the manner in which they were done provide good evidence that induced labor does not affect a woman’s risk of developing breast cancer. In 2003, the U. S. National Cancer Institute had a workshop with more than 100 of the world’s leading experts who study pregnancy and breast cancer risk. They all found that neither induced or spontaneous abortion are linked to an increase in breast cancer risk; the level of scientific evidence for these findings was considered the highest level, ‘well established’. Abortion should be legal because it saves many women’s lives from unsafe abortion, it can save families from lifelong poverty and it may save the lives of women who are unable to safely give birth to children. In a country that is based on freedom; freedom of speech, freedom of religion, individual freedom, why should this situation be any different? A law based off of a religious belief isn’t something that this country stands for, a law that prevents women from making decisions about her own body should not be a law in this country.

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Psychology †Aggression Notes Essay

Evaluate explanations of institutional aggression (16 marks) Strengths In Irwin and Cressey (1962) study they don’t look at inmates having one value. They look at the subcultures within prison. This shows the nature of the inmates as well as how they were brought up and accept other values. This is also supported by Blomberg & Lucken (2000) study on inmates. However you could counter this point by saying its reductionist because it reduces down behaviour to measurable units. Weaknesses Clemmer (1940) or McKorkle and Korn (1954) tend to suggest than inmates imported â€Å"one holistic† criminal subculture into the institution. By taking this holistic approach they are ignoring the biological approach. The importation model fails to provide suggestions for how to manage aggressive prisoners. Suggesting that you can manage prisoners and go against their freewill. Though they may be aggressive it might be because of how they were nurtured. Delisi (2004), it is unethical to give away possible private records. This could be seen as a breach of data protection. This can be linked to Issue and Debates. Especially the ethics and the confidentiality. AO3 – 4 marks – how science works: Methodological issues (internal validity, ecological validity, population validity, reliability) Bias (cultural bias, gender bias) Debates (nature/nurture, free will/determinism, reductionism/holism) Approaches (psychodynamic, cognitive, evolutionary, biological, behavioural) ethics A good psychology essay†¦ Be Selective In the exam you will only have 30 minutes per essay so you won’t be able to write the same amount you do at home, therefore it is important to make a few points and evaluate them well (possibly by using opposing points) rather than make loads of points and rush the evaluation. You do not have to mention everything in the book in order to get a good mark, it’s all about quality, so just make sure that if you say something, and it is relevant and well said. Use Evidence If you make a point, it is useful to have evidence from studies/experiments to back it up. You don’t have to go crazy with the methodology of these studies (but a little won’t hurt) but the most important thing is to state how the research supports/ does not support the theory in question. It may feel like you’re stating the obvious, but this is what gains marks. Use Issues and Debates Determinism, Reductionism, Gender Bias (Alpha and Beta), Culture Bias, Socially Sensitive Research/Theory, Reliability and Validity, just to name a few! They aren’t too difficult to work into your essay, but it is important you explain what each one means and how it relates to the theory in question. You won’t gain many marks if you list them without explaining them thoroughly. Be Synoptic This is really important. Could an idea be better explained by another approach? Has research in this area lead to any practical applications? (Such as treatments for psychological disorders) This will show your understanding of psychology in greater detail, and how it is important in real life. Look at the Bigger Picture Does this theory/research raise or lower the reputation of psychology as a science? E.g.: does it rely on scientific testing or is it speculative? Have other studies produced similar findings or do other studies tend to contradict its findings? Don’t be completely negative! Make some positive evaluations too, and when you criticise studies, you can always suggest ways in which they could be improved. You are expected to show a holistic view of psychology, and that means appreciating that there are both strengths and weaknesses to studies and theories. Look at your watch Remember; you don’t have much time to write your essays in the real exam, so try to stick to 30 minutes per essay. You’ll lose more marks by spending too long on one essay and not enough on another, than by writing all essays, but leaving a few points out. When Revising†¦ I find writing detailed essay plans helps, including notes on how I would evaluate. These would be far easier to memorise than whole essays, although writing practice essays may be beneficial too as it gets you used to time conditions. If you feel yourself getting stressed, or you are having a mental block, take a break- it is a sign you’re working too hard! The best thing for this is to get a drink (definitely keep fluid levels up!) get a little bit of fresh air, and take some time to clear your mind. Even if it feels like your revision isn’t getting you anywhere, it will be, so don’t panic too much! Reality is a painful thing It’s more than likely that you won’t be able to remember every minute detail, or remember everything you want to say in the exam, but don’t let this worry you too much- just make sure the points you do make are really well explained.

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Story hotel --- distribution channels Research Paper

Story hotel --- distribution channels - Research Paper Example For instance, through its website and other internet-based social networking sites, the hotel offers online booking services, reservations, customer care services, and coupon rewards. This enables it to connect with the clientele in real-time over the virtual space. Theorists of distribution channels agree that the essence of a reliable distribution channel lies in its capacity to spread information about the nature, value, and quality of products to the specific markets (Ranchhod & Gurau, 2007). In the hotel and hospitality industry, the goods and services may vary in range, complexity, value and quality. Similarly, the kind of targeted clientele often vary in line with the variables of geography, locality, gender, socioeconomic status, race, culture, and many other variables. At the same time, changes in time and lifestyles often affect the nature of preference and the demands of the market. The strategies adopted by Story Hotel are meant to make use of these aspects of business by utilizing the synergistic aspects of the positive forces while developing strategies to overcome the stifling influence of negative forces. Macroeconomic factors determine the manner in which a distribution channel impacts on the targeted clientele (Ranchhod & Gurau, 2007). ... Essentially, Story Hotel’s multiple distribution channels are designed to attract two broad categories of customers. These include leisure and business customers. The market reach of the distribution channels is flexible in the sense that it spurns from the local clientele to the international groups. One of the strengths of the distribution channel as controlled by Story Hotel is that it is able to attract and retain customers by regulating its distribution channels in a manner that portrays its competitive advantage on the market. This strategy makes it possible for the hotel to maintain and increase the volume of clientele locally and globally, besides breaking into new market segments previously controlled by competitors. The Hotel also relies on a system that enables it to break into unexplored market segments at the local and international arena. For instance, the regulation of prices has made the hotel a favourite choice of people from across the socioeconomic ladder. S tory Hotel markets itself as a favourite destination both for the domestic customers and those from across the space. Through the internet resources, the Hotel disseminates the right kind of information that would be of value to customers who want to make their travel budgets ahead of the journey. Some of the information relayed to customers includes issues of location. The internet distribution channels provide resourceful information, which would help the targeted clientele to make informed decisions as to matters of convenience. The strategic location of the hotel, according to the information supplied from the online sources, offers vantage opportunities for the customers to access other services and amenities around the city (Story

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HSBC Bank (employee mistakes) Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3500 words

HSBC Bank (employee mistakes) - Research Paper Example Major flaws of the employees that have to do with customer relations were examined. For instance the research tested the various ways in which the availability of training facilities would help in equipping the employee with up-to-date knowledge on how to relate to the customer in a manner that would motivate the customer to come back for more services (Heppner, Kivlighan, Jr., & Wampold, 1999). The effect of employee stress on the rate of delivery and general productivity rate to meet the demands of customers were also examined as well as the role of organizational systems in ensuring that the right platforms are created to check the conduct and behave of employees to towards customers. By and large, it was concluded that HSBC is currently faced with avoidable losses as a result of common mistakes committed by employees and these mistakes come about as a result of low training for employees and high levels of stress. The company is however in a position to changing the trend by incr easing motivation and training for employees. 1.0 Introduction 1.1 Background Officially, the company that is commonly referred to as HSBC is known and registered as HSBC Holdings plc. HSBC Holdings plc is a British company with headquarters in London; whose major line of business is channeled at banking and financial service provision. This means that HSBC Holdings Plc is a financial organization who has other major companies in the same industry of finance as competitors. The company is touted as an international company with branches spread across the globe. There is a heavy representation of the company in major global economic destinations including Hong Kong, The United States of America, Mexico, Brazil and France. With such branches the company is known to offer prudent financial assistance to â€Å"over 50 million people worldwide to manage and save for their futures with a complete range of personal financial products† (HSBC, 2012). One of the highly commendable stan ds that the company has made over the years is that it has taken advantage of the globalization phenomenon to reach out to even more people who do not have the presence of the company in their countries. With such services such as online banking and online transfer services attached to the regular banking operations, HSBC was rated as the second largest banking and financial service company in the world (Kerlinger, 2006). It was also said that HSBC was the second largest company in public service delivery (LaFountain & Bartos, 2002). All these have been made possible by the 7,200 offices owned by the company in 85 countries with major listing on the London Stock Exchange and secondary listing in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, New York Stock Exchange and the Bermuda Stock Exchange. On the London Stock Exchange alone, the official 2011 market capital of the company was quoted as ?87.4 billion (Rosenthal & Rosnow, 1991). This such a performance, there remains one thing left for the comp any to do and this is to maintain its statuesque or even think of making it better. 1.2 Problem Statement As the world continues to experience very huge competition in the financial sector with a strive to make good of the recovery of the present global economic recession, this research is seeking to examine the effect of training facilities, employee stress and organizational systems on the number of mistakes made by employees of HSBC and