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Emotions and feelings in Star Wars Essay Example For Students

Emotions and feelings in Star Wars Essay Lacunas Star Wars gag even went further than the big screen by inspiring comics, video games, toys. And other merchandise making Lucas a billionaire. His first three movies he made in the saga are New Hope, Empire Strikes Back, and Return of The Jed. In this Star Wars trilogy, George Lucas illustrates that the hero must be wounded either physically or emotionally to be open to spiritual knowledge and transformation. Leis wounds open her to love, Lakes wounds open him to becoming a Jed Knight, and Nanking Jaywalkers wounds open him to redemption. These transformations are marked by physical and emotional wounds. In George Lacunas Star Wars, Leis physical and emotional wounds open her up to love. First, Leila is wounded emotionally by the Death Star destroying her home planet of Alderman. A button is pressed which switches on a panel to lights. A hooded imperial soldier reaches overhead and pulls a lever, Another lever is pulled. Evader reaches for still another lever and a back of lights on a panel and wall light up. A huge beam of light emanates from within a cone-shaped area and converges into a single laser beam out toward Alderman. The small green planet of Alderman is blown into space dust (Lucas New Hope 44). Princess Leila has been captured from the consolers ship and is being interrogated by General Tartan. He is asking her about the whereabouts of the rebel base and if she doesnt comply he will destroy her home planet of Alderman. She finally decides to lie so her home planet Will be spared except they thank her for her cooperation, throw her in the detention level, and destroy Alderman any,bay. Leila is wounded emotionally by this because that was her home planet the Empire just destroyed using the Death Star. That means her family and all her friends and loved ones were on Alderman and they all got completely destroyed. Everything that was her past and childhood memories was just destroyed right before her eyes. Lucas included this wounding because it is a very strong one. Leila just basically lost everything in one quick moment, He uses it also to show her strength in being able to control her emotions. Next, Leila is wounded emotionally by watching Han get frozen in the carbon freezing chamber. Tears roll down Leis face as she watches the dashing pirate walk to the hydraulic platform (Lucas Empire Strikes Back 70). Dearth Evader uses Han as a sort of test dummy to test the carbon-freezing chamber on. He is testing to see it it will keep the person inside alive because Evader plans to use it on Luke later on, It is also a trap to attract Luke to Cloud City so Evader can capture him. This shows that Leis heart is completely open to love because she tells Han she loves him and even gets emotional when he gets ready to be frozen. Han responds with l know (Lucas Empire Strikes Back 70) showing the love between the two and without a doubt proving that Leila is now balanced between head and heart. Lucas has Han get frozen in carbon to reveal Leis true emotions and show that her heart is finally open to love. She shows it by telling him she loves him and tearing up about it. It shows that she does care and truly does love Han. Last, Leila is wounded physically by becoming a slave to Jab the Hut. Therewith is standing behind the grotesque gangster as he strokes Leila like a pet cat. Several of the guards, including Land bring Luke from the other side of the room. Bob is standing behind Jab (Lucas Return of the Jed 18). After trying to rescue Han from Sabas palace, Leila gets captured by Jab and he uses her as his personal slave. He keeps her by him held by a chain. By becoming a slave to Jab it opens Leis heart to even more emotions of love because her lover, Han, rescues her. Lucas has Leila get captured because it will drive Han even more to rescue her, This proves his love for Leila because he risks his own life by protecting her. By the end of all of these experiences, Leis heart is completely open to love showing her full emotions, In George Lacunas trilogy Star Wars, Lakes wounds open him to becoming a Jed Knight. Movie Subplot - The Monuments Men EssayYouve failed, Your Highness. Am a Jed, like my father before me (Lucas Empire Strikes Back 84). In the trilogy Star Wars, by George Lucas, Nanking Jaywalkers wounds open him up to redemption. First, Nanking Jaywalker gets emotionally wounded by the Sand People kill his mother, After the Sand People kill Shim, Manikins mother, he goes on a rage and kills an entire village of Tusked people including women and hillier, He does this out of anger, Manikins mother Shim gets captured by the Sand people. He then goes to tree her and help her escape because of the love he has for his mother. As Nanking is walking her out of the village a Tusked raider shoots and kills Shim. This puts Nanking in an outrage and he then massacres the entire village out of anger and hate with his light saber, This emotionally wounds Nanking greatly because the Sand people just killed his mother. Shim was the woman he loved and cared about the most, He had always taken care of her and supported for her. Now that they just murdered her, it sent him on an unstoppable rage. Lucas has this happen to set Nanking on his course to becoming Dearth Evader. All the hate and anger that came into him after this event turned him evil therefore setting him up for later redemption. Next, Nanking is physically founded by falling into a burning lava pit. Manikins clothing blows into the lava river and ignites. Suddenly Nanking bursts into flames and starts screaming (Lucas Revenge of the Sits 89). Obi-Wan and Nanking are fighting on the volcanic planet Of Mustard. Obi-Wan cuts Off Manikins arm and greatly mounds him sending him falling close to the lava river in which his clothes ignite and his body is badly burned almost to the point Of death. This greatly wounds Nanking and sets him on his way to being the mechanical more-machine-than- human Dearth Evader. After he lies injured for a While he is finally spotted by Dearth Studious and what is left of him is put in a medical capsule. They then turn him into Dearth Evader by replacing his injured parts with robotic parts making him more machine than human. Last, Nanking is wounded physically by saving his son Luke. Evader grabs the Emperor from behind, fighting for control of the robed Geiger despite the Dark Lords weakened body and gravely weakened arm. The Emperor struggles in his embrace, his bolt-shooting hands now lifted high, away from Luke. Now the white lightning arcs back to strike at Evader. He stumbles with his load as the sparks rain off his helmet and flow down over his black cape. He holds his evil master high over his head and walks to the edge of the abyss at the central core of the throne room. With one final burst of his once awesome strength, Dearth Evader hurls the Emperors body into the bottomless shaft (Lucas Return of the Jed 86). Then, Evaders cape is whipped by the wind and he staggers, and collapses toward the bottomless hole. Luke crawls to his fathers side and pulls him away from the edge of the abyss to safety. 80th the young Jed and the giant warrior are too weak to move (Lucas Return of the Jed 861 In the Death Star, Nanking watches his son dying and then the good in him kicks in as Luke begs his father for help. Nanking steps in and sacrifices himself for his son _ Nanking redeems himself here for all the evil he has done by sacrificing himself for the love Of his son Luke. He just cant bare it anymore to watch his son suffer so e acts on love and saves his son from the Emperor killing himself in the process.

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What is not Science an Example of the Topic Science and Technology Essays by

What is not Science? Science is a broad category which includes discoveries and experiments based on hypotheses and predictions. Thus there is knowledge and academic disciplines which cannot be interpreted as science. Most of them are based on scientific knowledge and principles but has nothing to do with science. Need essay sample on "What is not Science?" topic? We will write a custom essay sample specifically for you Proceed In science, prediction once made, its confirmation depends often on events over which the scientist can exercise no vestige of control. The real world having been constituted a "something," the principle of intelligibility asserts man's capacity, perhaps even his obligation to understand that something. Non-science does not make predictions and do not test hypotheses. It does not multiplies and diversifies the range of possibilities humanly attainable, among which researchers choose those they will make realities (Wolfram, 2002). It is possible to distinguish between basic science, applied science and technology. The presence or absence of constraint is a distinction far more important than that now doubtfully drawn between pure and applied science. Basic science is based on development of scientific theories. The research does not take into account scientific applications of the theories and practical usage. Applied science is a sphere of research that investigates application of knowledge and practical application of scientific theories. One might attempt to distinguish as applied science the endeavor to prepare nitrogen mustard with superior properties as a chemotherapeutic agent and as basic science some general study of cell metabolism. In both cases constraint to a rigid program set down at the outset sharply reduces the chances that scientifically important results will be obtained (Wolfram, 2002). When the nonscientist supports science most often his interest is not in science as such, but only in science as contributor to the cosmology or technology in which he does take an active interest. Support given out of concern for technology appears quite early: the Ptolemys had quite practical reasons for supporting the Alexandrian Museum. As the modern era opened, experimental science gained a foothold in the universities as the affiliate of already established technologic and cosmologic concerns; i.e., as a subject studied by students of medicine and divinity, respectively. Beyond providing an abundance of materials and devices, serviceable to science as experimental tools, the technology opened the way to new conceptual tools (Wolfram, 2002). On a new wealth of industrial experience was founded a new and (in the issue) powerful group of mechanistic concepts and analogies, as alternative to the limited and limiting group of animistic concepts and analogies used in ancient science. Emphasis on science immediately applicable to the problems of technology necessarily diverts support, and men, from the kind of science that, following to their unexpected ends lines of research having little or no apparent relevance to current technologic problems and practice, leads ultimately to complete reconstruction of the technologic horizon (Strogatz, 2003). In the classroom, basic science is theories and knowledge, terms and concepts studies by students. Applied science means practical application of knowledge in laboratory. Technology means devices and mechanisms used for practical application of theories and their outcomes. The acceptable evidence and scientific explanations are based on testing and improvements, evaluation and replication. Scientists work with theoretical postulates which are not necessarily self-evident, and so gain power to work with a far greater range of possibilities than before. Believing in scientific progress, scientists are confident that, if never "self-evident", postulates will some day be explained, though then only in terms of still more fundamental postulates themselves unexplained (Basic versus Applied Science 2007). Acceptable evidence deals primarily with what is experienced by all mankind; science encompasses, in addition, what is experienced, in the laboratory, by but a few (Wolfram, 2002). This distinction seems unimportant: the special experience of scientists is potentially available to all willing to enter the laboratory. The fundamental distinction between the data acceptable to science and those acceptable to research arises from what has repeatedly been stress ed: the involvement of judgment in our use of the three criteria for the selection of subject matter shared by common sense and science. As it begins science judges the acceptability of subject matter much as common sense does (Strogatz, 2003). As science develops, as its view of the world becomes more highly elaborated, it makes these judgments differently (Basic versus Applied Science 2007). The main methods involved in science are observations, prediction, control, falsifiability, causal explanation. Science does simplify the observations to be made that the possibility of observational error is minimized. Observation is reduced to reading the position of a needle that moves across a graduated scale until it points to "the result." Knowing the relations of common sense to be imperfect, we usually permit the survival even of relations that yield frequent unaccountable failures in prediction. Science giving purposive explanations in answering "Why" questions yields to a science giving casual explanations in answering "How" questions; and this may, in its turn, yield ground to a science furnishing only functional relations (Wolfram, 2002). In sum, the main difference between the non-science disciplines and science is instruments and methods used for analysis and knowledge retrieval. The main characteristic of science is new knowledge creation, discovers and new application of existing knowledge while other academic disciplines use these ready-made knowledge for their purposes. The use of instruments enormously facilitates the application in science of the concurrence criterion of "fact" acknowledged by both science and common sense. References Basic versus Applied Science (2007). Strogatz, S. (2003). Sync: The Emerging Science of Spontaneous Order. Hyperion. Wolfram, S. (2002). A New Kind of Science. Wolfram Media.

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5 Awkward Sentences

5 Awkward Sentences 5 Awkward Sentences 5 Awkward Sentences By Mark Nichol Innumerable missteps in constructing sentences are possible. Here are five random statements with assorted obstacles to comprehension, each accompanied by discussion and a revision. 1. The past month has seen two major developments. Avoid bestowing the gift of sight on inanimate objects or on concepts such as duration of time: â€Å"Two major developments have occurred during the past month.† 2. The question becomes why has everyone been unable to solve this puzzle. Treat the question in a sentence constructed this way as if it were spoken: â€Å"The question becomes, ‘Why has everyone been unable to solve this puzzle?’† Alternatively, reword the sentence so that a direct query is not stated: â€Å"The question then becomes one of why everyone has been unable to solve this puzzle.† 3. We would welcome your opinions and feedback on the results of this research. Inserting would in an entreaty that expresses what in marketing-speak is known as a call to action, an invitation to the reader to do something in response to a message, is an unnecessary and unproductive (and ingratiating) attempt to sound courteous. Instead of stating, literally, that welcoming opinions and feedback is potential but not actual, make the statement more emphatic by omitting the qualifying word: â€Å"We welcome your opinions and feedback on the results of this research.† 4. Additional processes for incident handing and breach reporting may be required to meet these requirements. Does this sentence mean that that the specified additional processes must conform to previously mentioned requirements, or that the processes may be mandated so that previously mentioned requirements are met? Normally, the phrase â€Å"in order to,† preceding a verb, can safely be omitted from a sentence. However, in this case, its inclusion will aid in comprehension: â€Å"Additional processes for incident handing and breach reporting may be required in order to meet these requirements.† 5. Those pressure tests and related assessments will clarify how prepared the organization is to make the actual transition. Because the reader cannot immediately tell which part of speech prepared is (it can be either a verb or an adjective, and is usually the former), inserting the adverb well before it will send a clear signal: â€Å"Those pressure tests and related assessments will clarify how well prepared the organization is to make the actual transition.† (Otherwise, a miscue might occur- the reader might assume that a noun has been omitted before the verb prepared: â€Å". . . how [the (blank)] prepared . . . .†) Want to improve your English in five minutes a day? Get a subscription and start receiving our writing tips and exercises daily! Keep learning! Browse the Style category, check our popular posts, or choose a related post below:Good At, Good In, and Good WithUse a Dash for Number RangesWriting Styles (with Examples)

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Curriculum Based Assessment (CBA) for Students

Curriculum Based Assessment (CBA) for Students Curriculum-Based Assessment (CBA) is any form of assessment based on the curriculum that a child is mastering. Most CBAs comes directly from the textbook, in the form of tests- often in the form of chapter tests. Other CBAs can be taken from online resources. This is especially true for online worksheet resources. The following are especially helpful. The Math Work Sheet Site The basic worksheet generator for this site is free, although it provides a variety of useful formats in its members section. You can choose to generate worksheets by the format (horizontal or vertical) the number of digits, whole numbers, the range of numbers use. It offers each of the basic operations, mixed problems, fractions, measurement, graphing and telling time. The worksheets have large numerals that are well spaced for the large digits made by most students in special education. Edhelper is a member only site, although access is provided to some items. The reading selections are not well adapted for children with reading disabilities: the text is often too close together for these readers, and the content is not particularly well written. My preference is always Reading A-Z, another member only site with excellent reading resources.Edhelpers math resources are excellent, especially for functional math skills such as money counting, fractions, and telling time. It provides several ways to show evidence of competence in each skill area. Money Instructor Money Instructor has both paid and member-only options. Many of the free options provide realistic (color) money for counting. These are excellent resources for children who have difficulty with generalization, such as children with Autistic Spectrum Disorders. Reading A-Z Reading A-Z is an excellent resource for special education teachers. It breaks reading levels into discrete levels from a-z for pre-primer through grade 6 readers. One of the advantages is that there is a great deal of non-fiction, which makes these lower level reading books age appropriate for older but very disabled readers. Not exactly the same as the Fountas and Pinnell levels, the website provides conversion charts which can be helpful if you are writing IEP goals with grade level goals (say, John will read at grade level 2.4 with 94% accuracy.)The website provides books in the PDF format that you can download and print in multiples. Each level provides benchmark books with pre-printed running record forms with the text from the books with places to check off the sort of errors for miscue analysis. Each benchmark also comes with a comprehension question, with different levels of questions geared to Blooms Taxonomy. Scholastic Bookwizard Finding leveled reading material for running records or miscue analysis can be a challenge. Scholastic offers a way to level the books they publish, either by grade level or guided reading level (Fountas and Pinnell.) Fountas and Pinnell also provide resources for leveling books but require a paid membership. Scholastic publishes some of the most popular childrens titles. Knowing grade level means that a teacher can select 100 word plus passages from authentic texts to use for running records and miscue analysis. Special Education Some publishers offer adapted assessments for special education students, or the special educator can adapt the assessment him or herself. Some text-based assessments can be read and scribed, especially if those accommodations are part of the students Specially Designed Instruction. Social studies tests are a good example: these are tests of a students social studies knowledge, not reading ability. The curriculum materials may be adapted to the students ability or Individualized Education Plan (IEP) goals. For example, fourth-grade children are mastering long division, but children with disabilities in the same classroom may be mastering single digit divisors into two or three digit dividends. Curriculum-based assessment is just one of the ways to collect data to meet IEP goals. The above websites provide a lot of useful resources for the special educator.

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Reprt Lab Report Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Reprt - Lab Report Example The value of Gs is a numerical value with no units and does not depend on which system of units is used since it is a ratio. The specific gravity of liquid is a significant parameter in industrial processes, and it is a factor in most equations that involve weight-volume relationships. For instance if during an industrial process sugar syrup or salt solution is needed, it can be easily determined if the solution has the correct concentration by measuring its specific gravity at a particular temperature. The specific gravity for liquids can be written as: Gs = density of the density (g/cm3)/ density of water (g/cm3) Theory: Specific gravity is the ratio of the density of a fluid to the density of water at a constant temperature. Specific gravity can be calculated directly from the measured density of a liquid divided by the density of distilled water. A suitable alternative method is use a hydrometer. This is a specially calibrated instrument made of a hollow glass float designed to f loat vertically in liquids of different densities. The depth to which the hydrometer sinks in the liquid represents the density of the liquid. The instrument has a calibrated scale on its stem which is used to read specific gravity. The diameter of the stem determines the sensitivity of the stem. An exceptionally sensitive hydrometer has a thin stem and a large bulb (Frey, 44). Experimental Procedure The glass cylinder was placed on a flat level surface and filled with sample liquid to allow air to rise to the top. The hydrometer was gently lowered into the flask with the bulb end facing down without it coming into contact with the sides of the fluid. The measurements of specific gravity measurements for each of the two fluid samples were taken and recorded with the hydrometer floating freely in the fluid. The hydrometer was removed and the procedure repeated nine times for each of the two liquids. The values of specific gravities were compared. Description of apparatus: Hydrometer, glass cylinders Data: Measurements Sample S Sample E 1 1110 900 2 1120 890 3 1123 870 4 1124 860 5 1110 890 6 1100 900 7 1110 890 8 1120 880 9 1000 900 10 1110 890 average 1102.7 887 Results/calculations: Average specific gravity for sample S = (1110 +1120+ 1123+ 1124 +1110 +1100 +1110 +1120+ 1000+ 1110) /10 =1102.7 Average specific gravity for sample = (900 +890+ 870+ 860+ 890+ 900 +890 +880+900 +890) /10 =887 Conclusion/discussion: The specific gravity of a liquid is the same everywhere since it is the ratio of the density of the liquid to the density of water at 40C whereas density is mass per unit volume. The volume and mass remain constant but weight changes on the moon. The hydrometer sinks deeper in lighter liquids than the heavier ones due to the fact that heavier liquids are denser than lighter ones. In this experiment, the average specific gravity or each of the two liquids is 1102.7 and 887 respectively. Thus, the denser of the liquids, the higher the specific gravity ob tained. This explains why it is easier to swim in sea water than swimming pools due to the fact that density of sea water is higher than that of swimming pool water. The existence of salt increases the density of sea water. The specific gravity of fluids was successfully obtained using the hydrometer; thus the goal of the experiment was achieved. Work cited Frey, Walter.

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IT Project Management Approaches Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

IT Project Management Approaches - Coursework Example It narrows down from the above two and looks at some of the specific applications in the information Technology field by looking at the Software development life cycle approach that is part of the traditional approach. It goes further in the agile approach to look at specific applications of the approach to the field of information technology. The paper also compares the two approaches by looking at their strengths and weaknesses and the type of projects to which they can be used/ applied and why they will or will not work. 1. The traditional/phased approach to project management The traditional approach to project management involves very well-organized and deliberate planning and control methods. In this approach there are distinct project life cycle stages or phases which are easily recognizable as one leads directly to another. Tasks are completed in in an orderly sequence, one after the other and this necessitates that a significant part of the entire project is planned before t he process begins (Hass, 2007,pp1-8). This model assumes that all events affecting the entire project are predictable and that the tools and the tasks undertaken by each individual are well understood. With this approach it assumes that once a phase is complete it will not be revisited, which is not the case for many projects especially IT projects. This model is forms the basis for the phased methodology used in many projects. The approach has taken many dimensions especially in the field of information technology with various sub models coming up from this traditional/phased model (Hass, 2007,pp1-8). The advantage of this approach is that it sets out the phases for development and stresses the importance of requirements for each stage. On the other hand the limitation is that projects rarely follow the sequential flow and many stakeholders find it difficult to define all the requirements for a project at the beginning(Hass, 2007,pp1-8). The approach has the following distinct stag es: initiation, planning and design, execution and construction, monitoring and controlling systems and finally the completion stage. It is important to note that not all projects will go through all the stages mentioned above some may be terminated before they get to the completion stage. 1.1. The Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) In information technology projects, this phased approach can be compared to the software development life cycle approach (SDLC). This approach is composed of the following distinct stages that must be followed to come up with working software: planning, requirements definition, design, development, integration and testing and finally installation and acceptance (Radack, 2009, pp1-7). The planning stage aims at establishing a bird’s eye view of the proposed software product and uses this to form the basic project organization, assess feasibility and risks associated with the project and define suitable management and technical approaches. The m ost critical part concerning this stage is the listing of goals of the project and this is done before anything else (Radack, 2009, pp1-7). The requirement definition stage begins immediately the goals in the planning stage are identified. Each of these goals is then refined into a set of requirements which define the major functions of the proposed application and also define the initial data entities.

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Gun related crime in the U.S Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Gun related crime in the U.S - Essay Example One of the main reasons for failure of regulation is the attitude of federal government towards guns distribution; it pays virtually no attention to the design, manufacture, or marketing of guns. The two agencies with potential jurisdiction over these matters, the BATF and the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) currently lack the authority to address them. This lack of federal supervision of the gun industry allows several dangerous conditions to persist since 1983. (Jacobs, 2002, p. 19) Now, the question arises whether or not gun regulation can control violence in the U.S History (1970 and 1980) reveals that gun control regulation has never been helpful in crime reduction. This is evident from regression analysis, state data, and experimenting social and economic variables, which Murray (1975) concludes, "gun control laws have no significant effect on rates of violence beyond what can be attributed to background social conditions". In addition, he observes that "controlling for basic social factors, the data show that gun laws have no significant effect on access to firearms and differing rates of access to handguns had no significant effect on violent acts" (Murray 1975). According to Gorman & Kopel (2000) the gun control regulation has reduced the number of legal firearms in the ... If we analyze UK historical significance of gun regulation, it is evident that England and Wales had lower rates of robbery and burglary than the United States (in 1981)". (Gorman & Kopel, 2000) "Unfortunately, the British government's single-minded devotion to eliminating defensive arms has made life more dangerous for British citizens. In the United States, youth is more afraid of running into an armed homeowner than the police. As a result, the hot burglary rate today and the rate of crimes that occur when the householder is home is 13 percent in the United States and about 50 percent in England and Wales". (Gorman & Kopel, 2000) That means crime in UK is more vulnerable towards violence than in U.S. According to a review of firearm statistics in Canada, Australia has by far adopted the best policy in combating gun violence and control and has a solution to this problem. "Even though an estimated one in five Australian households contained a gun before the 1996 legislation, Australia has always had relatively few problems with firearms when compared with other industrialized nations. According to a 1995 report done for the Canadian Department of Justice, Australian homicide rates were very low by worldwide standards, and only 18 Australians died in accidents with firearms in 1993". (Aus, 2006a) This might be the result of the "Australian Government's approach to firearm regulation which seeks to achieve a balance between allowing those with a genuine need to possess and use firearms and providing a safe and secure environment for the broader community. In particular, the Australian Government is supportive of the legitimate use of firearms by